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MR California Art delivers amazing work for Airbrush Tattoos Sacramento.  Airbrush tattoos are fun, quick and unique making them ideal for large crowds, company events and fundraisers. Guests can select from 100s of designs, consisting of “just-plain-fun” to “that-looks-real!”

Airbrush Tattoos are temporary, quick to apply, painless, and are able to last several weeks. Better yet, Airbrush Tattoos remove easily with rubbing alcohol. Designs range from tribal art to holiday designs with fun for all ages. They are a great addition to corporate events, festivals, school carnivals, and excellent at swim parties.

Airbrush tattoos Sacramento are incredibly popular.  Temporary airbrush tattoos are superior to tattoos because real tattoos are expensive, painful, and permanent. What you at 17 may not be what you want at 27, 37, or even 57. The accent a person wants at the beach isn’t necessarily the one desired at work, at a sporting event, when shopping, at a dance, or at dinner.

These temporary airbrush body accents are ideal because tastes and preferences change. What looks good on us changes with age, job, and circumstance. Unlike real tattoos, airbrush tattoos Sacramento can be easily removed with alcohol and may last up to a couple of weeks.

Price: $125 per hour

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Temporary airbrush tattoo’s express your personality. TATs are beautiful, fun and TEMPORARY!

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